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My review for Selenideium Element Inspector - Made by Miklós Szeles

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My review for Selenideium Element Inspector - Made by Miklós Szeles

A handy tool to log attributes and Selenide, Selenium locators of any web element

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·Apr 27, 2022·

2 min read

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Before we start, a special thanks to Miki Szeles for making this tool - To be honest, it helped me - a lot

What is Selenideium Element Inspector - What does "Selenideium Element Inspector" do?

Selenideium Element Inspector helps you save time automating tests using:

  • Selenide

  • Selenium

  • Cypress

  • Playwright

  • TestCafe

  • Squish

Ok, now - what does that tool do?

Son, this extension helps you to automagically generate complete line of copy-pastable selector code by simply clicking on an element - is there any better thing than that?!

Review starts - here

The tool helps a lot in development, to be more precise - helps more in web development. The extension is really light-weight and takes no time to install 😊. Also, Miki Szeles made a rewards program!

How to participate?

All you need to do is to contribute!

Do one of the following and get a handy dady coffee on

  • Report a valid bug
  • Submit an approved feature request
  • Fix a reported bug
  • Implement an approved feature request
  • Write an article about your experiences with Selenideium Element Inspector. In this case, you can be sure I (Miki) will share your article on Twitter and LinkedIn too.

Ahem, let's get back into our review!

So, it is so easy to use it. Also, Miki Szeles would be happy to hear your review 😊

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